7 Proven Ways to Get Free TikTok Followers in 2018 {Updated}

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Are you searching for Free TikTok Followers and Fans? or How to get free TikTok followers? Then you are at the right place, read this article till the end and learn about how to get free followers on TikTok.

Sine skeptics have got the wrong idea. People who haven’t tried the TikTok app yet think that it is just a Lip-Sync video app which just the teenagers use.

However, there’s much more to it. You can make comedy skits, share your favorite music, create stories and live broadcast of your moments, and many other cool things that increase your creativity and entertain you.

What is TikTok?

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past 1-2 years, then you should know that is a video-based social app that has been becoming one of the most popular social platforms. It is growing a video social network app for video creation, texting and live to broadcast. It has spread so much after its launch in 2014, attracting more and more users (“musers”) every day. Yeah, that’s what they call themselves!

Let’s be honest, and everyone wants to become famous. Fortunately, TikTok gives all the funny and talented folks an opportunity to be noticed online. The app has now over 200 million users, and with thousands joining each day. In other words, the platform could be your chance to become the next social media influencer.

TikTok’s success didn’t just happen overnight. When the app was launched in 2014, it did have a loyal fan base. But it wasn’t growing so fast so survive alongside its competitors like Instagram and Snapchat. Then, the founder Alex Zhu had a lightbulb moment: was TikTok’s slow growth merely a branding issue?

Alex’s team renovated the app’s design, so the logo that you see in the videos was the reason behind its success. It wasn’t a matter of time until the TikTok topped number one on the iTunes App Store, that too in two months.

But what keeps the Musers coming back for more? Besides the fact that everybody looks cool in their hyper-speed music videos, super users say that Musical.ly app’s appeal is its passionate and uniquely positive community.

However, many of the users lack to share their awesome videos to the masses because of the lack of followers.

Is TikTok the right platform for you?

TikTok is the perfect app for a beginner who wants to gain quick fame. All you need to do is record and upload short videos (merely few seconds long), called as TikToks. People usually use the app’s song library to lip sync or famous dialogues from movies and sounds.

Moreover, you can use the built-in app camera which has some beautiful effects and faces filters if you don’t plan to use video editing software. The most significant thing is that you just have the freedom to showcase your talent as a comedian, athlete, singer, dancer, style and fashion designer and whatnot!

Do you want to be a vlogger?

No issue. In fact, TikTok doesn’t limit you only to short videos, and it allows you to create long ones as well.

For all those who have a small Fanbase!

All you need to do is to follow as many people as possible. For example, go to the Comedy section and start following people or go to all the popular hashtags, it doesn’t matter. You can even be searching the famous hashtag #follow4follow. Some people will start following you back.

The more significant number of fans you have and the better your content is (high-quality videos), the more likely users are to follow you back. You can then even unfollow whomever you want, and most won’t bother to unfollow you back if they have followed you.

This is the most classic trick across most social platforms.

However, you might be wondering that, is it fair to follow random people just to get free TikTok followers?

It’s up to you to decide, but that’s what social media is for! You connect to new people, and it is the best way to make people notice you.

You can even leave them a like or a comment, which would increase the chances of being followed back by other users.

Moreover, if any of your followers ask for a BFF (Best fan forever), always make them BFF. This way you build trust in your followers, so they stick with you.

Free TikTok Followers Generator / Hack Tools

If you’ve been itching to do the same on TikTok instead of just watching your favorite Musers on repeat, think this article as your guide. Many desirous teenagers and Musically users wish to get free TikTok followers online.

Now, there are hundreds of websites that pose as a TikTok followers generator and many people fall into the trap that they would really get the free TikTok followers instantly. Just remember that all of these websites are a SCAM! You’ll not be getting any followers, instead, you might leak your personal details to the website owners for spam or even theft.

However, we’ll talk about such scams and fake websites later on. Let’s come back to the main point for which you’ve all been waiting for.

Becoming famous on the TikTok app could be a hard task to you until now, but we are definitely sure that you would change your mind after learning the following simple and short methods to get free TikTok followers without any cheat or hack.

Forget about the “please follow me” comments. Nobody cares about you, and nobody will because you’re not famous yet!

Well, today we’re going to change that! Let’s not waste any much of your time and reveal the best tips and tricks on how to get free TikTok followers online. It’s quite easy, and all you need is free time.

How long will it take to increase the number of your TikTok fans? 

Let’s say that you want to get 200 fans per day. After the first month, you’ll reach an approx of 6k fans if everything goes right.

Doing the maths, you’d get an average of 30-35K TikTok followers by consistently uploading videos and following other famous Musers.

The more popular you get; the more random people will start following you. This is a simple task that you need to focus, and it requires a lot of patience.

How to get free TikTok followers or fans?

Getting famous on TikTok isn’t an easy task, but if you spend enough time to create videos with good content quality and use the right approach, you’ll be able to build a continually growing fan base in no time.

We’ve found some best ways to get free TikTok followers for you. Follow the below steps to learn how to get free TikTok followers. We’ve also covered how to get free Instagram followers? If you need it you can check these tricks too.

1. Get More Fans

Getting dozens of followers on a daily basis is easier than you may think. All you gotta do is click the “leaderboard” button on the search page, and the top users will show up. Go ahead and start following each one them.

However, when you open up their page, click and unclick the “following” button several times. Repeat this process as many of their followers would start following.

This also works when you follow a famous Instagrammer, say Amanda Cerny and repeat this process, then multiple fans follow you.

2. Shoot a TikTok without having to hold your phone

Sometimes you have to get a little crazy with your videos and do something funny or amusing that requires you to use your whole body.

How do you go around doing that when you need to hold your phone to film it?

Well, There’s a simple solution. After you click the “shoot first” button on the app, you’ll be redirected to the page where you can record your videos.

Click on the little button on the right side with an index number five next to the power button. This option lets you shoot all the videos without having to hold your phone.

Look ma, no hands!

3. Don’t Do It by Yourself, Duet!

Selena Gomez TikTok duet screenshots

Sure, you can film your TikTok videos with your besties when you are all hanging out. But did you know that you can also shoot videos with your friends when you aren’t together?

Thanks to the handy-dandy duet feature in the app, you could sing with your friends or any other user in the world just like that. You can start off by choosing the TikTok video you want to perform a duet with.

To get a hands-on review of this feature, we chose a video of Selena Gomez because, duh! Queen. Once you’re on the video, tap on the three little dots on the right side of the app.

Some options will pop up, and you need to select the “start duet now!” button.

Go, break a leg!

4. Edit Your TikTok(s)

When it comes to adding new effects to your videos, Video Star is the perfect app for that. Available for both iOS and Android.

You can download it to create tons of visually attractive videos for your TikTok profile. After you make the video on Video Star, you could save it to your library by clicking the “Send to Camera Roll” button.

Now, whenever you open TikTok, you could upload the videos from your camera roll and share it. It’s easy as pie! Not only on TikTok, but you should also cross-promote your videos across Instagram and Facebook for extra exposure.

5. Cut It Out

Forget about the full song, filming a video to more than 1 minute is a lot of effort. Thankfully, you can reduce how much of the song you want to with a quick little edit. When you’re ready to shoot the video, click the “pick music” button and find your favorite song.

A page will pop up with thousands of music you can pick from. Personally, we’re fans of the “lip-sync” classics.

After picking a song from the list, you could start singing along. To cut the music shorter, tap on the scissors icon in the top right-hand corner of the app.

You’ll be able to choose where you want to start and stop the song. Then you shoot it. Boom. Done.

6. Do Viral Challenges

Using trending hashtags, songs, and following other popular users gives you the chance to have more people discover your fledgling account.

Celebrities usually upload their latest Hit singles in the form of TikToks which are adored by their fans. You can also do a video version of your own and spread the love.

Upcoming Muser Morgan Monrad, shared his similar success thanks to a viral challenge.

He said, “My most liked video that isn’t featured is my #mirrorchallenge one“.


7. The Magic TikTok hours

Try shooting your videos and post them between the hours of 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.

We’ve noticed that this is when people are most active on TikTok App and more people will see your videos, no matter where on the planet.

Posting at least twice a day is perfect if you want to gain fast, but we recommend to post more as it would increase your chance to expose more.

Try figuring out when people of your age would be free to use their smartphones.

For teenagers, posting their videos around 3 P.M. is the best as they get out of school at that time.

This is the best strategy to gain more publicity and get free TikTok followers organically.

Final Words

So, this is all about the legal and genuine ways of getting free TikTok Followers online.

You can share your opinions and let us know if you’re aware of any other remarkable way of doing the same.

We can always use a second opinion and would definitely update our guide with your working methods.

Moreover, keep yourself away from all the generator websites and automating links that promise you to give hundreds of free TikTok fans within seconds using their website generator online.

Such websites are purely scam based and try to fool users by stealing their personal details and what not! Do enlighten us with your thoughts in the comment section below. Cheers!


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